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Introducing a better way to develop custom formulations.

With a qualified team of medical doctors behind you, creating research-driven custom product formulations has never been easier.

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BioBottles:™ Welcome to the future of plastic

  • Shelf Stable for 5+ Years
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Similar Cost to Traditional Plastic Bottles
  • 100% Recyclable

BioBottles™ are both FDA and Food Grade Compliant and meet or exceed industry standards and government regulatory requirements for both food and safety.

BioBottles™ are made in the USA using proprietary Plastic IQ™ Technology. BioBottles™ use Plastic IQ™ technology to transform ordinary plastic at the end of its useful life-in the presence of UV exposure, oxygen, and temperature-into a more earth friendly material.

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Just What the Doctor Ordered.

M&M Labs is a physician-led nutraceutical company, developing custom formulations for dietary supplements and other health and wellness products. Our doctors will partner with you and advocate for your product every step of the way, from creation to distribution.

Meet Your Team

Trusted Experience

As experts in the field, our professional team of medical doctors leverages years of experience in nutritional biochemistry and clinical nutritional medicine to create uniquely effective products that stand out from the competition.

Manufacturing Expertise

Our in-house production capabilities are constantly growing. Now with three locations, M&M Labs is here to be your one-stop manufacturing hub. Get access to worldwide production capabilities at insider rates and bring your vision to life faster than ever before.

Total Project Support

The M&M Labs team oversees every aspect of your nutraceutical project, including design, production, labeling, shipping, certifications, and more. From concept to completion, we support you every step of the way. Let our experience save you time, money, and headaches.

Continuous Growth

M&M Labs is growing because you’re growing. By constantly adding innovative SKUs with new-to-market ingredients, tweaking formulas for rapid growth in targeted categories, and providing stock programs for custom products, we’re helping customers rapidly expand and increase sales.

Our Products

The medical doctors at M&M Labs are experts in nutraceutical and cosmetic formulation, constantly scouring the latest research on ingredient efficacy. For nutraceuticals, Dr.Hendricks is on the front line of ingredient innovation, developing new ingredients like algae-based EPA products. For cosmetics, Dr. Hendricks develops cutting-edge ingredients and leverages products with clinical research and published clinical trials.


And More


And More


The Future of Plastic!
Biodegradable Plastic Bottles
Environmentally Responsible
Plastic IQ™ Technology
100% Recyclable
FDA and Food-Grade Compliant

Our Services

M&M Labs makes it easy to formulate your custom nutraceutical or cosmetic product and get it into the hands of your customers, providing everything you need to go to market.







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Our Stock Program

Discover how our one-of-a-kind stock program removes the biggest obstacle to your business’s growth.

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Our step-by-step process was designed for small businesses.

Every great project begins with an idea. In this step, we’ll learn all we can about your goals for your product, where you envision selling it, your timeline, and your budget.

Whether you’re starting with an idea or already have a formula, our doctors and on-staff nutritionist will help you develop a custom formulation that’s high-quality, effective, and safe.

The M&M Labs team knows how to navigate the many pitfalls of the supplement industry, and we’ll provide the expertise to help you make the best decisions for your product.

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